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Listened to a netcast about this product. Haven’t yet tried it, I plan to, but it sounds interesting. As I understand it, it hooks into skype and allows you to backup your files (encrypted) to someone else’s PC. (With their approval, of course). Careful with the URL, you could wind up somewhere you don’t want to go…

From their website: “Cucku Backup compresses and encrypts your files before sending them to your backup partner. You trust your partner to share space on their hard drive, but the partner can’t access the files or even see the filenames. Files are further encrypted while in transit. Because we don’t store your files there’s no central server that could get hacked or damaged.”  And “Cucku backs up your data and sends a backup copy to a trusted friend or family member. It’s easy, trustworthy, and free!”


Posted October 2, 2008 by mmdmurphy in backups and recovery, freeware, skype, tips, windows

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