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Cross posting concerns

I listened to some pretty scary netcasts today … Mostly about photographs and how you basically give your rights away by using certain photo hosting websites.

So, I am thinking this applies to blogs as well……

This will probably be the last post that I make on my own website ( AND to


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Computer Forensics

Saw a great demo of Helix ( on (

And posting this more for myself so I don’t forget about it.

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PermaLinks on WordPress

UPDATE – I rebooted the server, and tried to connect on links and they would not work. So, I set it back and choose not to bother about it.

I changed my PermaLinks (login, go to admin page, click on Settings, then click on Permalink)… I think these are more or less what I want them to be:


Now my posts show as something more like:

instead of

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