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Option Explicit

‘ Create a full MSInfo report of the local
‘ computer, and save it as C:\msinforeport.txt
MSInfo “.”, “C:\msinforeport.txt”, True

Sub MSInfo( myComputer, myReportFile, blnFullReport )
‘ This subroutine generates an MSInfo report for the specified
‘ computer, saving it under the specified file name.

‘ Arguments:
‘ myComputer [string] the computer to be queried, or a dot
‘ or empty string for the local computer
‘ myReportFile [string] the file name of the report to be generated
‘ blnFullReport [boolean] if True, a full report will be generated,
‘ otherwise only an OS summary is generated

‘ Returns:
‘ A full MSInfo report file for the specified computer

‘ Written by Rob van der Woude

Dim objMSInfo, strCategory, varPctDone, wshShell

If myComputer = “” Or myComputer = “.” Then
‘ Get the computer name of the local computer
Set wshShell = CreateObject( “WScript.Shell” )
myComputer = wshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings( “%ComputerName%” )
Set wshShell = Nothing
End If

If blnFullReport = True Then
strCategory = “”
strCategory = 0
End If

‘ Query the computer and generate the report
Set objMSInfo = CreateObject( “Msinfo32.MSInfo.1” )
objMSInfo.UpdateDCOProgress( varPctDone )
objMSInfo.SaveFile myReportFile, myComputer, strCategory
Set objMSInfo = Nothing
End Sub


Posted February 25, 2008 by mmdmurphy in freeware, tips, windows

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